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If you are frustrated by the limitations of the Windows command line, then 4NT is the one command line tool you truly need.
$74.95     ver. 8.02     2007-04-30     4394 KB     JP Software

9Desks is a program that permits you to have up to nine virtual desktops for better applications management.
$17.00     ver. 1.5     2007-02-10     2301 KB     Lorenzi Davide

A Speeder
A Speeder is a magical software. You can use it to change the speed of windows system and change the speed of all applications (such as games) under windows.A Speeder makes your games funnier.
$19.95     ver. 2004.12     2004-12-03     685 KB     504 software studio

Acritum Total Power Control
Total Power Control provides complete control from one icon over all Windows7 power features.
$19.95     ver. 1.023     2010-10-26     1027 KB     Acritum

Actual Title Buttons
Actual Title Buttons is a suite of the most essential and popular tools for desktop windows control and manipulation: minimize them to tray, set up priority, apply transparency, make them stay always-on-top of other windows, align, resize, roll up and even "ghost" them.
$19.95     ver. 7.5     2013-03-25     7403 KB     Actual Tools

Actual Virtual Desktops
Handy utility for expanding and organizing workspace: create an activity-focused environment, even automatically, using rules - scatter the piled up application windows over the unlimited number of independent desktops, showing one desktop with its applications at a time.
$19.95     ver. 4.5     2013-03-25     7394 KB     Actual Tools

Actual Window Menu
Actual Window Menu is an innovative suite of the most popular and essential tools that enables users to operate windows on the desktop in some advanced ways: minimize them to tray, set up priority, apply transparency, roll up/unroll, resize, align, etc.
$19.95     ver. 7.5     2013-03-25     7253 KB     Actual Tools

Actual Window Minimizer
Actual Window Minimizer lets you minimize windows to the system tray or any desktop spot by various means.
$19.95     ver. 7.5     2013-03-25     7254 KB     Actual Tools

Actual Window Rollup
Actual Window Rollup enables you to be more productive while working with multiple windows.
$19.95     ver. 7.5     2013-03-25     7206 KB     Actual Tools

Aerize Lock Tile for Windows Phone 8
Lets face it, it can be downright cumbersome finding the Lock Screen Settings when you want them.
$0.00     ver.     2013-10-31     55 KB     Aerize

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